Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad pictures of cool stuff

 A stainless rack sized to fit a custom bag and mount on the brake studs.
 A bag mount that attaches to the stem with a bolt and the bag with a pin. It's really called a decaleur, but I don't like to use that term... like most French words, it sounds fruity when you say it right and then you want to smoke and be rude to people.
Finally a classic (1985 I think) Stumpjumper frame getting a new lease on life with  new brake mounts, cable guides, powdercoat, and fork. I especially like this color. Called "Misty Purple", it looks black almost everywhere but in direct sunlight. It has a touch of metallic to it too, which all bike paint jobs should have, imho.
Another Adventure Tourer coming up next!