Sunday, January 23, 2011

Forked and racked....but in a good way

Finished this up last week, a nice custom fork and rack to complete a Santa Fe dude's homebuilt frame. Sach's crown, Columbus blades and dropouts, and good ol 4130 in the rack. I like the card suit cutouts on the blade points there, baby.
I also made a new mandrel for bending fork blades, I can get a nice bend in just the right spot now- I think I'll keep it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's a new year baby!

OK, resolution time. In the past, I've typically posted every 3rd or 4th bike here and it keeps coming back to bite me. Several times recently I've mentioned something I've built, the person asks me for a pic and all I can say is , "Ummm, didn't take any." Like the adjustable rake fork that just went to MA...doh!
So, the resolution? Try to overcome my dislike for self promotion and post everything!
Get ready, this is gonna be like a real blog!

Here's one that went to (cue Beastie Boys), Brooklyn....BROOKLYN over the holidays.
Not a mountain bike, a fixed gear specific 26"wheeled bulldozer!

Signature fork.

Handcut dropouts with stainless faces.

Oops, double pic for charge!

I loved this bike, but just like the last few, it's too small for me to keep.