Monday, September 27, 2010

Bent, broken, and screwed back together

So, what have you been doing for the past five weeks? Me? Not a thing, just sitting, sitting sitting. You see, I was smacked by an SUV last month and besides crunching my Tour Divide bike, I ended up with a broken tibia and surgery to get my first titanium upgrade!
I guess these repairs are pretty fragile at first because the doc says no weight on that leg for 6-8 weeks. We're coming up on week 6 now...fingers crossed that I finally get to walk again.
Some pics for ya- the first one is after getting stiches in my knee on the day of the accident, maybe a little swollen? I had to wait a week before surgery because it was so puffed up. Second pic shows the screws. For what these cost you'd think he could've installed these a little straighter.
I guess surgeons aren't used to working to the tight tolerances we framebuilders are!