Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad pictures of cool stuff

 A stainless rack sized to fit a custom bag and mount on the brake studs.
 A bag mount that attaches to the stem with a bolt and the bag with a pin. It's really called a decaleur, but I don't like to use that term... like most French words, it sounds fruity when you say it right and then you want to smoke and be rude to people.
Finally a classic (1985 I think) Stumpjumper frame getting a new lease on life with  new brake mounts, cable guides, powdercoat, and fork. I especially like this color. Called "Misty Purple", it looks black almost everywhere but in direct sunlight. It has a touch of metallic to it too, which all bike paint jobs should have, imho.
Another Adventure Tourer coming up next!


  1. Cool stuff, Chauncey. Is that rack for Mike?

    You'd hate it here in Cote d'Ivoire. Everyone speaks French! lol. I'm not sure if they are fruity, but they eat a lot of Mangos.


  2. Ha, I guess you get a pass when you're actually "in country".
    Yup, that's Mike's rack for the 650b.

  3. just for clarification... it's an '87 Stumpy Comp. That was the last year with lugs and 1st year with modern geometry.