Friday, March 1, 2013

Why I went to NAHBS.

I went to be in the middle of the "scene" for once. I didn't go to be flashy - all but one of the bikes I brought were daily riders with at least 1000 miles on them. I didn't even enter anything in the awards.
I just wanted to meet guys like Rody Walter ( Groovy Cycles) and Eric Noren ( Peacock Groove) and talk to all the other like-minded folks there. With the exception of the few times I started feeling like a used car salesman, the show was a great success!
A special thanks to Scott who endured the hipsters and getting stranded by a snowstorm for a day in Trinidad...are you ready to go to North Carolina next year?

The Booth ( a bad pic)

Not a bad setup. I was lucky to get a corner! It was funny to see what types of people gravitated to what bike.
The exception was this kid's bike in the front. Everybody liked that one.