Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkey Day from The Group W bench!

No pictures for ya, but a lot has been going on. Deep in the process of my first rando frame and I've been making up the forms to do the bending for the custom racks. I remember saying to someone last year that I doubted I would ever be making racks.... and now it's looks like the next three frames will have them!
So, while we're at home trying to figure out how we're going deal with a sick kid, travel to Texas, and cook two turkeys by tomorrow- I'll leave you with your required holiday viewing:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ready for the road

Izzy has his bike all built up and decked out with some pretty nice parts. He sent these pics and I must say it's looking good and ready to rock!
In his words:
As for the frame, I love it! It's responsive, light, and extremely fast. I have been and will continue to sing your praises to anyone interested in getting a new bike and the guys at Fixed and Free love it almost as much as I do. Thank you for building me the perfect bike frame!
Gotta love that.