Monday, October 31, 2011

Good Words

Whew, another month has flown by in a blur of bike building, baseball, and one more health scare in the family. But, the good word is that the problem looks to be solved and a few more custom bikes will hit the streets to follow, hopefully before Thanksgiving! Speaking of good words, here's Pete's review a a few pics of his road-worthy fixed (nice build by the way!):

" I was finally able to take the bike out for a long ride today with the friends, and I must say, it is everything I could ever ask for. It is much more responsive and nimble than my last frame, but it is still super stable. Makes riding with no hands with a slight crosswind a breeze; no pun intended. The slacker seattube really made pedaling so much easier for me; I just got to work on my strokes and get my cadence up. The longer headtube gives me more room to extended/shorten my stem. I no longer have the lower back pains I use to get. I have received nothing but compliments about it; especially about your craftsmanship. I will always be spreading the word about the great work you're doing over there and will hopefully be back when I am in the market for another bike."

                                                         Thanks Pete!

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