Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two....was that a Niner in there?

Trying to stick to my resolution to post every build this year hasn't worked really well this month. A whole lotta work (never a bad thing!) and an emergency surgery (we don't need no stinking gall bladders!) have kept new posts from getting...erm, posted.
Got a Retro/MCClung style 29er done (no pre-paint pics for that) and this Coconino style 29er heading out this week:
 The original plan was for straight seat stays, but when it became evident the caliper bolt/seatstay area was a bit too tight for my tastes, I went ahead and curved the stay for clearance and to continue the curve of the top tube.
 Chainstay mounted disc brakes are great except for the way you have to route the cables....ever notice how most builders don't give you  brake side pics of a finished bike with low mount brakes? Well, I'm not going to be any different! ;)
 Seatstay bridge with a curve.
 Shiny "M".
Till next time...


  1. Beautiful work, I like the curves!

  2. Thanks, I'm getting to the point where an mtb without a curved top tube just doesn't look right!