Friday, April 29, 2011


 A few close up pics of the 29er from the show. I built this one to replace last year's Tour Divide bike that got a bit crunched (along with my leg) by a big ass SUV. Here's the disc mount with a Fastboy inspired brace...I love how it follows to radius of the disc.
 Back in the early 90's I saw a Dekerf MTB with the coolest wishbone seatstays...and now I finally have them on a bike! I made this one the look just like the fork crown to bring the whole bike together. If you look closely you can see where the brake cable exits the top tube- it then goes into the seastay and comes out by the brake. The same goes for the other cables too. I'll post a complete pic when I get my parts out of insurance company limbo.
 A better shot of the front and back crowns together...gotta love the curved top tube, huh?
 A ton of tire clearance in the back, it should keep rolling through all kinds of mud!
Lots of fab time in this puppy...but so worth it..

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