Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Look! A new post!

Yeah yeah, I know, same story... lot's of building and no posting. Found it hard to get motivated to post because it started to feel too much like showing off, and that's just not me. I mean, who really wants to see that I made a pair of seatstay caps today? Turns out, quite a few people do and they've let me know about it!

So, in the words of my 5 year old son, "Look at me! See what I can do!"

First up, Cara's little "Touring/rough road/no toe overlap/it has to handle like a road bike" bike.

It has an eclectic selection of mtb and road parts that work well together....with a little effort.

Like the mtb shifters on road bars. This is the third bike I've set up like this and it works great- plus, it gives you more options for different brake levers.


  1. Shifts easily, rides smoothly, and gains decent speed on the open road! I love it and it looks sharp, too. Thanks for spending your summer on this project. Cara

  2. I'm really curious...
    How did you manage to put mtb shifters on road bars ? Did you file the inside of the shifter's clamp ?