Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey baby, nice lugs!

As it has been requested, I'm going to post more build pics of the next frame- Peter's lugged fixed gear.

                       The blueprint and checking positioning of the butts on the down tube.

Sub assemblies are built first. Here the seatstays get a rough cut.

Then a miter with an old piece of tubing brazed in.
After an attack with the angle grinder and some filing we have seatstay caps!
Pacenti track drops set at the proper angle for the slot to be horizontal when the bike is sitting level.
A nice lug in need of a little hacksaw surgery.

Surgery complete!
First frame miter, nice and tight and at the right angle, these have to be perfect for proper alignment and strength.
Downtube/head tube joint all brazed up. It passed the pug inspection!

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