Friday, June 4, 2010

One more week till the "Grand Departe"

Yup, one more week until the Tour Divide starts. I've been insanely busy trying to get everything built before I'm gone for a month's worth of racing. I've built five bikes in the last month and I'll try to get them all posted before I go.
Let's start with these two, the "Wonder Twins". They are for a cool local shop- Fixed and Free( and are a unique offering for the fixed gear world. Basically, they are designed to ride like a quality road bike, handle like a fixie should, AND still be able to do those crazy tricks (like barspins) the kids like to do these days. And oh yeah, they have to look cool too! They will be displyed unpainted giving the rider the final choices for braze-ons, brake configuration, and color.
I liked these two so much it's a good thing they are both 54's and are way too small for me! Smooth bottom bracket fillets-

Fastback seat cluster with a glimpse of the shop logo.

More fillets-

Still more fillets!

Dropouts that perform all the essential functions.

Next up- the Tour Divide race bike.

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