Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ding! Ding! Frame's done!

Israel's frame all buttoned up and ready to go out the door. It's basically a British Racing Green with a metallic added to it. A very cool color that I somehow failed to capture until the last pic. Oh well, someday I'll get the lighting thing figured out. Experimenting with new a logo design. I like this one- an "almost script" style while still being easy to read from a distance. I'm planning on having more made that will be a little smaller and have a contrasting outline to the letters.
Another headbadge I blame John for! ;) This time it's the Greek letter sigma. I'd better tell Israel to not park it near any of the frats on campus.

The semi-wrap seatstays- a first for me. I usually make a scalloped end. I think these are a nice classic touch for a lugged frame.

Here is what it really looks like in the sun. If you look close, you can see another feature that personalizes this frame.
What you can't see are the ports for the internal brake cable guide inside the top tube- I put them low on the tube to keep them out of sight, plus the color hides them well.
Next up, a different kind of I'll have to do some research for to be able to pull it off. Let's just say I hope Velocio will be proud!*
*If you get that reference you're as big of a bike geek as I am!


  1. O man! Izzy is going to love this, or im sure he already does! Great work Matthews! and im sure he old you about all the candy he has to put on it.... NJS and those Sugino 75's..... good things!

  2. Looks I may need to get a bike....

  3. Thanks guys! Ican't wait to see it built up too.
    Whenever you're ready Dave, I'm your huckeberry.

  4. I'll be sending some pictures of my build later this weekend. There are a few more things that I want to change, but the majority of it is exactly like I want it. I hope it makes you proud, Chauncey! I know I love it!

  5. A beautiful frame deserves a beautiful head badge!

    I can officially tell you, Chauncey, that the bike you crafted for me has received well over 100 compliments... not that I'm counting at this point. It has been a solid bike!