Sunday, March 29, 2009

Worm Hole Post- Tool Pic

edit: I sent this post off late Fri, and it finally showed today, and no, I don't know where it went in that time. I am worried as it now smells vaguely of cigarettes and.....monkeys. I didn't ask questions though, I don't want to be that kind of blogger, I'm just happy it's back!

I saw a picture of this on someone's blog and thought it was too good to not make one.

OK, unless you build frames this will probably mean nothing to you. To me, however, it is a beautiful thing- a nifty little doo dad that will do an awesome job of holding on all those oddly shaped bits so they can be brazed to the frame.


  1. Did you see it from the boys at Signal Cycles, of Portland? I saw something similar from their Flickr stream.

  2. Yo CH,
    That was it! I couldn't remember where I'd seen it. I just googled it and it turns out they are for sale from credit due and all that.
    Those have a nicer finish than mine....get one, it's a great design!

  3. Dood. Just get a spring-clamp, some scrap tubing, and a coathanger and you've got a WAY better way of holding brazeons. Good lord, that's complicated!


  4. Yeah, I have the spring clamp/wire thingy...been using it for years. And Walt's right, it is kind of complicated to build, but very simple, fast, and sturdy in use. Truth be told I would've never taken the time to make one for myself if I hadn't already been making one for a gift!